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We have a dirt road in front of our house that washes out with the rain. At least, I think that is what causes it. It has been so long since it rained here, that I’m beginning to question my memory.

Anyway, Stan decided to rent a backhoe to dig ditches along the sides of the road and see if that would help. Oliver hadn’t gotten home yet to start using it, so Kathryn jumped at the chance to learn how to use a backhoe.

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Green House

Here is what we did this morning.



Well at least we got one wall up…..sort of.

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So We left the house, T. G. , dad and I, and drove to the airport at 1317 hours. We got to the airport around 1348 hours. We got off of the ground around 1415 hours. We were flying in a Cessna 172.

It was really weird to be on the ground then all of the sudden be in the air.

We taxied out and onto the runway. The take off was really smooth. Actually the takeoff and the landing were my favorite parts I think. Well……. I don’t really like just the plain flying. I like the banking, and being in the clouds. Anyhow, our first place to go was a lake 30 miles or so from us. Dad and the boys are going to go fishing there Saturday with their new boat.

It was really neat cause everything was like miniatures. So we flew around the lake, then we flew over the land for a while. Then it got a little boring so ata (atamar) got the pilot to take us up a little higher. We went around 4000 ft.

That was really fun cause we got to go into the clouds.

Then dad started to get a little queezy (SP?) so we came down.

Over all we spent around 1 and a quarter hours in the air. :))

here is a pic of the plane that we flew. Sorry that I couldn’t get a bigger pic.


 here is another pic. We didn’t fly in this one but it is the same kind.


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Here are some pictures of a quilt that I have been working on. I did all of the quilting by hand. the rest was done by machine. Oh… except for the embroidery (the pig tail, the butterfly antenna, and the whiskers).



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Here are some pics of the Piano that I am trying to clean up.

Oh…. BTW Dad got a 7 and 1/2 ‘ or so piano that was in a fire. so I am trying to clean it up.




 Hopefully I can play it soon. 🙂

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Last week I lost my job so I am looking for another one. It looks like Tamara and I are going to sing in the choir this spring. We have been to two of the rehearsals. If you want to come to the concerts you can email me (jonesclan@jonesclan.net) and ask because I might forget to post the date, time and location here. 🙂 If I remember though I Will post them here. I really like the director. He has been directing High School for quite a while.

On a different subject, Oliver ran into a tree the other day. Well……. ok I will tell the whole story he was going around a curve while it was wet and he slipped off of the road. He was not hurt that we can tell. He went in to get checked up and the doctor said that he would be fine. He is just really sore.

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Mr. Soldier

I thought that this was a really good song. I like the lyrics more than anything.


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My nephew (Ian)

Yesterday Laurel Came over. We had a lot of fun. It has been a long time since we have seen Ian……Oh!! and Laurel. 🙂 Truman and Edward went fishing. They keep wanting me to go with them but last time I went fishing I didn’t catch anything. Actually I have only caught one or two fish in my entire lifetime.


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Remember Me.

Here is a link to a movie that I found. It was made by a fifteen year old girl.

I think that it is a really good film.


The first five min and thirty seconds are the only part that I am talking about. I couldn’t find one with just the first film.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you think about it.

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Last Friday Tamara, Truman, Edward and I made some sugar cookies. So I thought that I would post some of the pictures up here.

We had a blast doing it!!!! 🙂




These are my cookies I decorated them with my knife (Swiss army, mechanical)


It was fun.

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