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Iola Texas

We went to Iola, which is close to Bryan College Station on Friday, April 11th. We went to help clear brush for John and Kelli Kochan. The first day we got there (the “we” was Madalyn, Edward and me). It was raining so we ate lunch and Madalyn started cleaning (because Kelli had been in an accident and she could not be on her feet for long periods of time and John was gone.) She and swept the floor much to Kelli’s regret because Kelli started sneezing a ton. Then we watched a movie and finally John came home and we finish the movie and we watched a firefighter video while we had dinner. After that we got ready for bed and went to bed. The next day we got up and had breakfast. Oh yeah, Chris came over to help us clear brush. Chris is a guy who works with John at the wind tunnel. We went outside and John told Edward and me to move one burn pile to another burn pile. So we did it and it took some time but finally we got it done. Then we cut down about 7 good size trees covered in poison ivy which was bad for John because he is allergic to poison ivy. Then we cut up the stuff that they were going to use for fire wood and took it to the wood pile and John got his tractor and we pulled the big bad logs to the burn pile. Then we went in and had sandwiches for lunch and relaxed about 30 minutes.

Then we went to clear a fence line. So we cleared most of the fence line and called it a day and went to bed. The next morning we got up and had breakfast and we figured out that John and Kelli had gone to get B.281(that’s a brush truck) from the fire department. When they got back we lit the fire but it wasn’t burning very well. Then John mixed diesel and gas and threw it on the fire. Then we watched the fire for a while and had a snack. After that we went inside and watched NASCAR and took B.281 back to the station. Then we went to Yankees Tavern and ate dinner and went to bed.

The next day we got the rest of the fence line cleared and went to the wind tunnel (at Texas A&M) and John showed us around . It was VERY interesting I liked the models especially. Then we went to Freebirds (a burrito restaurant) and ate there. Then we said goodbuy and went home.

Truman (mostly with a little help from Edward)

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Gone Fishin'

We went fishing on Tuesday and went to Pale Face Park. Whenever we got there (it’s an hour drive from our place) we unpacked and got our tackle, oars and our fishing rods into the boat. Then we decided who would go in the boat first. So 756 (also known as Tamara), 101 (aka Edward), 627 (that’s me, Truman)and Dad went out first leaving 127 (aka Kathryn) and Mom behind. 627 (which is me) sat in front while Dad steered. 101 and 756 sat in the middle. When we got to where we were going, we tied off and started fishing but we got hung up a couple of times so we moved into a small cove and started fishing. After a couple of casts I got a bite so I gave my rod a yank and started reeling it in. It wasn’t hard reeling so I had the fish in the boat in no time. It turned out to be a small large mouth bass (maybe four inches). We let it go because it was too small. In a couple more casts I got another bite, so I gave my rod a yank and felt a tug. I started reeling but the fish pulled and the drag started. It didn’t last long and in no time at all I had a 2 pound 18 inch large mouth bass in the boat. After we had settled down, I saw 101’s rod twitching so I yelled to 101 that he had a bite. So he yanked his rod and he pulled in a yellow Catfish (it was a keeper). After that we went back to shore and picked up 127 and and left 756 behind with mom. After we picked up 127 we headed back to where we had been. I steered most of the way but this time we went farther upstream. In a couple of casts Dad caught a crappie and then another and then another until he had five crappie ( one might be a rock bass ). Then we headed to shore (I was steering most of the way) and we packed up and headed home. When we got home we skinned the fish. The next day we fried the fish and ate em.






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Hey guys
We went fishing on Saturday. It was really fun. I got drenched a couple of times. One was when I was sitting in the front of the boat and we were going against the “waves” (they were not really waves) and on a flat bottom boat it makes a lot of spray and by the time we got to shore I was drenched. Another time we were going to put the boat on the trailer and I was walking down the boat ramp (which was really slick. And which I didn’t know because I had never been lake fishing) and the water was about up to my knee and I slipped backwards into the water (which was really cold). We didn’t catch any fish except for a tiny minnow.


Now for the catch. Picture no1 is the lure. Picture no2 is the catch.



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Stan, Truman and Edward took off early this morning to look at a fishing boat for the family.  It evidently satisfied their requirements.  They came home with a 14′ John boat with a 5 horsepower Honda engine and trailer.  The only drawback to it is that it is finally pouring down rain so they are going to have to wait a few days to try it out.

The rain also put a damper on Tamara and Kathryn’s plane ride.  This is the 3rd time we’ve had to cancel on account of the weather.  The first two times the wind speeds were around 40 mph so we decided it would not be a good time to take a first ride in a small plane.  We’ve rescheduled for next Thursday.

I am not complaining, however, we have been needing rain for months around here.  I hope it will continue to rain all day.


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'Ouch' Update

The latest ‘ouch’ doesn’t seem to slow Truman down very much.  He only needed a couple of tylenol and ibuprofen the next day for the pain.  There was very little bleeding.  It looks like the wood went right between his toenail and his flesh, not into the flesh very much.  Other than having Edward step on his foot the next morning, I haven’t heard him complain about actual pain.

The swelling was fairly down by last night.  We finally got rain yesterday and the next thing I knew, Edward and he were out in the middle of it.  At least he put on socks and mud boots.  Maybe he’ll learn to use shoes for a while.

The Lord was very gracious to us during this time and it seems the minor emergency was indeed minor.

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Yesterday I and Ed were playing on our skateboards trying to flip them over the wheelbarrow. I had just flipped it over the wheelbarrow and was off the skateboard then Ed shoved the skateboard at me and I lifted my right foot to stop it but I didn’t lift it far enough and the skateboard rammed my BIG toe. I started dancing a jig right then and there. ( it was probably the best jig I’ve ever danced. Course when I broke my leg I’m sure I could have done a better jig ) At first Ed thought I was joking ( cause we had rammed and stumpt our toes a lot and acted like it hurt when it didn’t ) then Ed saw my toe he got serious . I went hopping inside I didn’t have a particular destination in mind. Then Mom saw it and took one look at it and started to call Madalyn my sister who is a EMT and is training to be a paramedic then Mom called the minor emergency room. Then Madalyn got her oxygen from her medic bag and stuck that crazy mask on my mouth. ( I thought it was over kill and didn’t like the smell.) I got all sorts of exclamations from the girls. Mom finally got a emergency center she told the girls ( T.G.J and K.L.J) to get her purse and cellphone while she got ready. After I had gotten in the car I saw my hat on top of the roof I asked Ed if he’d get it down. So he ran and got a bamboo poll and knocked it down then he ran and tossed it into my lap. ( it was a old beaver skin hat. I’ll show you some pics ) So we (that is me and Mom) started down the road and it was the longest trip into town I have ever had. Finally we got to the hospital. We sat around and waited and then they numbed my foot. They stuck some stuff in three places on my toe. It stopped hurting after that and they pulled it out.

Now it doesn’t hurt too much. Except that Edward stepped on it today.

Now for the pictures. The white pad the wood is on is 4 inches by 4 inches.

Splinter on 4 x 4 gauze pad


Splinter on the toe after it was pulled out. The splinter was all the way under the toenail.

Splinter on good toe


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Considering the usefulness of search engines and finding obscure information, I am posting a fix to a midi device error when trying to run this software in Windows XP.  I searched in vain for a solution and didn’t find one.  Dumb luck and perseverance paid off and I am now using the software (actually the kids are) happily one our xp computers.

Oh?  You wanted to know what to do?  Very well. After you install the program, change the shortcut properties. You have 2 exe files in the SSGWINC folder on the cd itself. Change your shortcut properties to go to the :\SSGWINC\SSGWINCD.exe file. Leave the start in folder alone. (this is where it will save the games.) It will still give the error, but it will work anyways. I did set the compatibility for Win 98, but I’m not sure that was necessary. My children have been playing it for several weeks now and love it.

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This is how to skin a fish:

  • The first thing you do is stab them in the middle of the head. (That is to kill them quickly and it relives the pain.)
  • Then you find a pointed bone that is about half an inch behind the two front fins
  • Then cut a ”v” toward the head on each side top and bottom.
  • Then you get some pliers and then you grab the skin ( with the pliers ) at the cut you made with the knife.
  • Then you pull the skin toward the tail ( it might be a little hard )
  • After the skin is off you take the head off
  • Then you gut it ( try to not pop the guts ).
  • When you have cleaned it, take off it’s fins but leave the tail ( the tips of the tail when fried taste good and crispy) .
  • Then you are ready to cook the FISH.

The End

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Gone fishin'

I caught my first fish of the season this fishing trip. My brother, whose name is Truman, caught the very first fish of the season. We fish at our neighbor’s pond. Their names are Jack and Kathi.

When my fish got on my line, I did not know it. I thought it was caught up in some moss. So I walked around the pond to get my line loose. I could pull a little. Then I saw a fin. I dropped my rod and grabbed my line. When I had the upper hand of the fight, I pulled it on land. Dad and Truman each caught a fish. Then we went home and skinned them.

Successful Efforts

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