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Winter is Here …. maybe

We had the first hard freeze of the year. My boys have never seen a lot of snow or ice (and haven’t this year, either), so they made their own ski slope on our driveway. Anyone from up north will most likely laugh at our poor effort, but when you’re from Texas, sometimes you need to try to help things along.

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Fishing at last!

Stan, Tamara, Kathryn, Truman and Edward went fishing at Lake Travis by the Pedernales River yesterday. They caught 7 fish. Two of them were keepers. Dad caught a channel cat that we brought home, but Edward’s 2 1/2 pound bass definitely took the trophy! Kathryn and Tamara caught small ones, but poor Truman didn’t have any luck at all.

Kathryn enjoyed her time learning to use her camera better. She took a lot of pictures using various settings. The last picture was taken by Truman after they got home. Edward is looking forward to seeing this bass again………..at the dinner table!

I stand corrected.  Kathryn just took pictures.  No fish for her either.








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Venison Sausage

We had the fortune of having a fallow deer wander onto our place a couple of weeks ago. Stan and the children spent last Saturday cutting meat off the bone, grinding and seasoning it, and stuffing it into casings. They got it into the smokehouse late that night, and now it is on its way to being a great snack!


Only a few more days and it will be ready.

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Truman and Edward have been riding the unicycle a lot lately.  Truman decided last week that he wanted to get a 5 foot Giraffe unicycle.  He ordered one and it came in today!  He did really well on it.  The main areas he has to work on are getting on and getting off.

Edward and Truman

Now for a movie:

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Fruit of Labor

Today has been a productive day.  Truman and Stan have killed 3 deer this season.  Stan and the boys processed most of one to make some hard dried sausage.  Yesterday and today all of us pitched in to strip the meat off the rest of the bones.  Tamara is starting some jerky with some of it, and Stan and I made the rest of it into breakfast sausage to freeze.

I don’t really like processing the meat a lot, but I do enjoy eating it.  The dried sausage turned out really well.  We got the recipe from an older couple in our community.  He showed Stan how to make a smoke house several years ago.  We’ve used it for jerky a lot.  This is the first year, however, that we’ve make the hard dry sausage we like so much.


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The Roof is up

Well, we’ve gotten as far as partially roofing the ‘green house’.  It’s decked and papered and partially shingled.  We’ve been blessed with some rain, and Stan still has to work to make a living, so it’s getting done a bit at a time.  Rico helped with putting shingles up last night and wants to come out this weekend if we haven’t finished by then.
The boys were hunting rabbits a few days ago and found a 3 foot long coral snake.  They dispatched it with their shot gun.  So, even though they didn’t get any rabbits, I felt they did a good days hunt.
Now for the pics:

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We’ve been busy working on the little building I call our ‘Green House’.  I suppose we will have to paint it green after all is said and done.  The site where the building stands is where Laurel Beth’s greenhouse use to be.  After she stopped gardening, she sold it, but the site was already cleared and waiting for another structure.  I was so use to saying something about ‘being down at the greenhouse’ when I was looking for one of the chidren, it just seemed to stay fixed in my mind that that location is the ‘greenhouse’.  Since it will be housing people instead of plants now, I’ve just altered it to being the Green House, rather than the greenhouse.

Enough of that.  Here’s the progress pictures.

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Madalyn returned from Honduras safe and sound.  She enjoyed her visit, but was a bit frustrated by her lack of language skills.  She has been offered a job as paramedic at our county emergency services as soon as all her paperwork gets finished.

Simon accepted a job in California, so will probably be there until after the baby is born in January.  After that, who knows where he will land.

Rico and Laurel are doing well.  Rico has started his own marketing business and has lots to do.  Laurel had to suffer through Ian having his first round of real fever this week.  There is nothing so helpless feeling as seeing your child suffer, and not being able to do anything to make it stop.

Oliver has a part time job, and is looking for a full time one now.  Hopefully, this one will either work into a full time, or he’ll find another one.

Kathryn is happy since it looks like we’ll be keeping the grand piano for a while to make sure tunings and other adjustments hold up properly.

Tamara is still planning on starting EMT classes in September.  She’s plugging away at her math book which is all that holds her back from graduating from high school and getting her driver’s license.

The boys, Truman and Edward, you’ve read about more than anyone else.  They are still into fishing.  They are growing up too fast, though.  I can’t believe my youngest is 11.

Stan and I just keep on doing the same things.  Work, school, keeping up with children.

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Stan walked outside the other day and found the boys had expressed their fondness of fishing on our driveway.

I love Fishing

With my older eyes, I didn’t notice the importance of the love emblem.  Here’s a close up.

p style=”text-align: center;”>love

They have definitely gotten the fishing bug.

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It seems things have been changing fast around here. Madalyn finished her schooling and then left today for a month of clinic work in Honduras. I’ll miss her singing every time she comes rolling in from a shift.

Simon and Lindsey came down last week, and we got to visit with them for the first time since they got married. (Except for an hour or two when they were passing through from Florida to California) We found out they are expecting their first child in January.

Laurel and Rico are expecting their second child in late November or early December.

Oliver moved into Austin. He is renting a room from a man in south Austin. He will be closer to work and hopefully will be able to save a lot on gasoline. He exchanged his Mazda for our Honda Rebel, so that should help out on gas cost also.

Tamara and Kathryn are singing in the Wimberley Chorus Fourth of July concert, so practices are starting up for that now.

We are down to one normal size dining table. There are only 6 of us eating together now. It seems kind of lonely.

The young boys have a bedroom all to themselves now. So far (3 days) they have kept it immaculate. I’m hoping it will continue to be so.

Well, I’m off to round up boys for school.


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