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Aeroplane Ride Report

So………….for those of you who are interested……We (Dad, KL, and me) finally got to go flying today. I didn’t get sick, and I really enjoyed it. We got airborne around 1410 hrs. and flew over Canyon Lake and then South towards Wimberley. We hit the ground around 1530 hrs. (Times are approximate) It was extremely fun, and I would love to go again, someday. Thanks, Dad.

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Aeroplane Ride

For my birthday, Dad and Mom are going to take me on an airplane ride. I just hope I don’t get sick. (YIKES) Truman got me some binoculars, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to test them out long range.

EDIT: So, the date is set for Tuesday, 26FEB2008, at 1400 hrs.  We will be flying in a Cessna 172. (For those of you who thrive on details:)

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It looks like Kathryn and I might be singing in the Wimberly Community Chorus. Tom Gabrielsen is directing, and he’s a really good director. Sooooo, y’all may see us in concert this spring.

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prestidigitator: noun; a performer of sleight of hand

transmogrification: An act, process or instance of altering in form, appearance or structure, often with grotesque or humorous effect.

pulchritudinous: adjective; beautiful (even though it really doesn’t sound like it)

triskaidekaphobia: noun; fear of the number thirteen

Below are some words that our family and friends have come up with over the years. (don’t use these in Scrabble unless you can bluff well)

derbitz: noun; minuscule particles of matter

scoge: noun; a tiny bit

unlazify: verb; get up off your duff and get to it

requoter: noun; one who requotes

spectating: verb; a spectator watching something

guestimate: verb; to guess or to estimate (or both at the same time)

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15NOV2007 2035 hrs.

By the way, y’all can make comments about my posts if you want to. (No you do not absolutely have to……:).

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Rick Brant Books

For those of you who like Rick Brant (or Scotty:), I just ordered 5 more books, 3 of which we do not already have. These are “The Flaming Mountain”, “The Blue Ghost Mystery”, and “The Flying Stingaree”. According to one source, in The Flying “Stingaree”, there is a crossover with Ken Holt, another fictitious character from that time era.

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LP Turntable

I just bought an LP Turntable that can be hooked up to the computer, so you can transfer your records to CD or MP3. Very NIFTY………as Bert and Ernie might say.


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TASERs vrs. Stunguns

So, I was looking TASERs and stun guns up the other day, interested in their differences, and I found out something interesting. TASER is actually an acronym, and stands for Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle. The NASA scientist Jack Cover designed it in Nineteen Sixty-Nine and named it after the science fiction teenage inventor and adventurer character Tom Swift. Anyhow just a piece of info you might be able to use to amaze someone someday.

Also, I learned that an acronym for CHAOS is Chief Has Arrived On Scene. More interesting info…..

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03NOV2007 0952

FYI…………………We just heard that the baby’s name is officially, Ian Leonard Casas.

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02NOV2007 1720 Hours

We just got back from Laurel’s and Rico’s and I saw the baby for the first time. He is really adorable, cute……..and tiny.

Baby Casas And Rico

casas-baby-0004.jpgBaby CasasBaby CasasBaby Casas

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