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I just finished a scarf pattern I’ve had for several years.  It is designed by Monika Eckert.  It is out of a very soft wool and Angora Rabbit fur yarn.

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I’ve been adding beads to my knitting using a sewing needle and thread to help get the beads on my yarn. I’m putting up a video for anyone who might be interested in seeing how I’ve been doing it.

I put a slightly weighted object at the end of my thread (just regular sewing thread), so it doesn’t matter how many beads are on it for it to have a bit of tension while working with it.  I also dulled the tip of my needle a bit with a fingernail file so I didn’t poke myself and get blood on my knitting.

I hold the thread between my little finger and ring finger so I can pick it up quickly when working a lot of beads on a row.  If you use a magnetic board, you can also drop the needle onto one of your magnets and it will hold it there until you are ready for it.

One of the advantages of this method is that you don’t have to accommodate the crochet hook and the yarn when trying to put the bead on.  You also don’t have to worry about splitting your yarn or dropping a stitch.

I worked one bead after I knit the stitch, one before I knit the stitch and another one after I knit the stitch. The advantage of knitting the stitch first is that you can adjust the tension of the stitch to accommodate the bead. It will also sit where it looks like it is on a chart. If you place the bead before you knit it, you are actually putting it one row below where it shows on the chart.

Here is a picture showing that placement:


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Mohair Dickie

Mohair Dickie
I worked up a pattern for a mohair dickie knitted from the top down and using short rows for the front and back sections. You can find the pattern by clicking here
Please feel free to download it and enjoy. I made notes in it as to how I worked the short rows, but there are many different ways and lot of tutorials on it on the internet. Use whichever way seems easiest for you.

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Fun Baby Cap

I just made a really quick and fun baby cap. It is from Drops Free Pattern I started it Monday and finished it Tuesday morning. I forgot to take a picture before sewing up the back, but it is knit as a zig-zag piece of fabric that you assemble with just a few short seams. I really hate seams, but this was really easy because of the garter stitch fabric. I’ve put in pictures of the back so you can see where the seams are. I also modified the tie to go all the way across the back with I-cord so you don’t just tie the ends to each side of the hat.

Now for the Pictures:


drops-baby-cap-008.jpg drops-baby-cap-009.jpg

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Knitting with Beads Video

I made this video several months ago when I was knitting on the Mystery Stole 3. I thought it would be good to have a copy of it on this journal. I also have a video using a slightly different technique here.


For anyone who wants to download their own copy, a .wmv format can be found Here
(Just right clicks and save the file to your hard drive)

I took the video below from a different angle and tried to go slower so
you could see the bead transfer better. It is Here

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Cabling without a needle

This is a video I made for a sock knit a long that was using small cable.

The audio is incorrect on the Labels. The first stitch is a RTCB, the second is a LTCF. My apologies for any problems the incorrect audio labeling may have caused.

I’m adding a chart from the original directions. The instructions are for using a cable. I adapted those instructions to make the stitches without an extra needle.



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